As with any online business, you need the top internet marketing tools to do the job and do it well. When running an amazon business you need certain tools that can track Amazon best sellers rank (BSR), keep track of keyword rank, automated email sender after orders are placed.Below are the tools that I use for my Amazon business:


1. AMZ Trainer            

This is everything you will ever need to get your e-commerce business starting. Learn how to get your business going from setting up accounts from outside the United States to finding profitable products to sell, negotiating with suppliers and creating your amazon listing. It’s not an 8-week course like many other Amazon courses. It’s an e-commerce business workshop where more content is added on regular basis to keep you on par with all the latest changes happening on the internet. You will have access to all the other tools below at discounted rates and extended trial versions to help get your business going. There’s an active secret facebook and whats app group with a very supportive community who assist each other in growing their respective businesses. Once a month we get a monthly coaching call where strategies are discussed and where we able to ask all our questions to our mentor.


Ashraf Ahmed Ali (founder of AMZ Trainer) is one of the best mentors I have come across and always answers everyone’s questions. I swear there’s 3 of him at the pace he works. The man is relentless and genuinely cares about his students.


If you guys are interested you can click the link below and you can have access to some of the free training content that will explain the workshop some more. So within the AMZ Trainer workshop, there are the following training modules:


  1. Amazon Training –  Everything you need to know about and how to sell your own private label product on Amazon.
  2. Amazon Pay Per Click(PPC) Training – Learn how to set up advertising campaigns and find the most profitable keywords.
  3. Facebook Ads Training – Learn to set up facebook ads to build your brand outside of Amazon and send traffic to your listing and store. This training can be applied to any business.
  4. Shopify Training –  Learn how to set up your Shopify account, search for profitable products and connect it with Ali Express and create your own drop shipping business.
  5. Click Funnels Training – Learn how to create sales funnels and create leads that convert into sales.


In July 2016 there was only 1 module. As you can see that 4 more modules were added till date and more will be added as well. The problem for those that join late will pay an increase in joining fee as the value will increase. As for those that already joined we get access to all the latest content that’s added absolutely FREE! How insane is that? Ashraf is a mad man. I don’t now how long the craziness will last so best take advantage of it now.

Click the link below and join the best e-commerce workshop around.



2. Profit Phoenix           

This software does it all. :

  • Market Research – Put in your criteria and Profit Phoenix will pull up all the products that match your criteria.
  • Product evaluator – Enter the product you looking at and Profit Phoenix will pull up all the products in that category on the first page and tell you if the barrier to entry is high or low and what the demand is of the product.
  • Auto Email Responder – Set automatic emails to be sent out once your product has been ordered. This helps with getting more reviews to your listing and builds credibility.
  • Keyword Ranking Tracker –  track yours and competitors keywords

Check the link below to have access to their website and have a look around.



3. Keyword Tool Dominator      


This tool searches Amazons database to find what search terms customers are looking for with hundreds of search term variations of what your target audience is looking for.

Click the link below



4. Keyword Inspector                 


This tool allows you to see what keywords your competitors are using to get sales. Just put the ASIN in of your competitor and it will pull up all the keywords they are using.

Click the link below:



5. Camel Camel Camel   


This is one of the most powerful free tools available. Check any products sales rank over different time periods. It helps you determine if a product is seasonal and if there is a constant demand for a product. It also allows you to track a product while doing research and determining whether to enter a particular product category or not.

Click the link below to check it out:



6. Jungle Scout            


This tool is very similar to profit phoenix. You can do product research and product evaluation to determine if there is a demand. The thing I like about Jungle Scout is the chrome extension they have at a once off fee. this extension allows you to browse amazon and pull the data together of the product you searching into easy to read table form.


I hope these tools will help you guys as much as they helped me grow my private label business on Amazon. if you have any feedback or advice for other please leave a comment in the box below.


10 Comments to “Amazon Resources”

  1. I do like the sound of this AMZ Trainer showing you the proper way to run your own business through the Amazon store.

    The training looks superb, how to create Amazon Pay Per Click advertising especially out of the keywords people are searching with. Those who can master the process accomplish conversions.

    I like the way they teach you how to create Facebook ads too and lead visitors into your Amazon page, this is something I would like to understand the process of.
    To top this off with Shopify training to run your own dropship business whilst learning how to create sales funnels really puts the icing on the cake.

    Have you trained through this AMZ Trainer?
    Thanks for introducing me,

    1. Hi Simon

      Thanks for your comment. To answer your question. Yes I am doing my training through Amz Trainer. You should defnitely have a look at the content and have a look through the free videos. Its awesome being part of a community that is ready to assist you and a mentor thats always available.

  2. Hello there
    Thanks for a very informative post on tools one need to succeed on Amazon.
    I have never heard of most of these tools but that maybe because I do not sell Amazon affiliate products, the 24-hour cookie to me is just way too fast, it`S like asking my readers to buy now or else.
    Having said that, Amazon is the most trusted online store and it`s no surprise there are so many tools dedicated just for Amazon.
    Now I was wondering if the tools can be used in keyword research for other niches and if they can be useful when not selling Amazon products.
    Do you think they are worth investing in or will they not bring as good results?

    1. Hi Roamy

      The tools that are mentioned are primarily used if you are selling on amazon physical products. If you read through some of my other posts I am helping people to navigate the arena of developing your own private label products and building a brand. The tools are used to track data in amazon to determine what are good products to sell and how you can also get a piece of that pie. You must remember that Amazon has such an insane amount of traffic that before building your own store you should consider selling on Amazon as the traffic is already there. All you need to do is work on your product and marketing via amazon sponsored advertising. Its a great way to start your brand and start building brand awareness. You can start on Amazon USA and the move to other global amazon platform in Europe, UK, Japan and India. Amazon just acquired in the middle east for close to a billion dollars. E-commerce is growing and amazon is leading the pack.

  3. Vey good and informative site that you did, Makes me want to look into this part of Amazon also.

    1. Hi Garland

      Amazon is a great way to start your e-commerce journey and break away from the 9-5. I love that you can run this business from anywhere in the world.

  4. Interesting post, I am only wanting to use amazon for certain items as I have other affliate links on my site. Do you think it is still worth the expence or is it designed more for store type sites?

    1. What do you mean certain items? These tools are there to help you start your own physical products business on Amazon by researching which products to sell and where opportunities lie. I wish we had tools like these to research business for brick and mortar stores. I suggest have a look at the very first resource AMZ Trainer. It will give you a very thorough overview of what is required in this business and how the business model of being an Amazon seller works.

  5. Great post! These tools sound like they’d be very helpful for anyone with their own online business (or looking to set up their own online business). I’ve never heard of most of these but will definitely be signing up to some of them to help me out with my own online business. Thanks for the informative post.

    1. Thanks Stephen

      Happy to be of assistance. These tools are “word of mouth” if you just started in the game but very necessary when you looking to get started. Have a look through them and start digging in.

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