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How to ship from China to Amazon and what are the best Amazon shipping companies to use?


This is the biggest question most people want to be answered before considering getting involved with their own private label business. You are essentially importing your own products from China directly Amazon USA FBA centre. First, let’s chat about some terms used in the shipping industry.


Types of Shipping:

Cost Duration
Air Express Expensive 3-5 days
Air Freight Cheaper 7-14 days
Ocean Freight Cheapest 30 – 40 days


As you can see in the table above that the faster your shipping service the more expensive it becomes. If you have lighter loads under 1.5 LBS and a couple of hundred units you can consider air freighting your cargo.

If you have a fewer than 10 units under 1.5 LBS you can consider air express of your cargo. This will be delivered in 3 – 5 days usually.

If you have heavy cargo ( > 1.5LBS per unit) and many units (1000 units and above) you should consider ocean freight.


Shipping Terms

These terms are important to know so that you know what your supplier is talking about and how much responsibility they are taking when the products leave their factory. Once your supplier has manufactured your products they need to be collected, delivered and transported via air or sea to the destination. Below are a list of the terms.



  • EXW / ExWorks – The supplier is required to make goods ready at their premises for collection. All other transportation, costs and risks are carried by the buyer.
  • FOB – The supplier to responsible for transporting the goods to the port of shipment and loading of the goods onto the vessel. The cost of marine transport, insurance, and unloading of the goods are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) – This includes the cost of transport and insurance of delivering the goods to YOUR nearest port. Once the goods have landed it is your responsibility to see to the unloading and transport to your warehouse.
  • CNF (Cost, No insurance and Freight) – It is the same as CIF but it excludes insurance of the goods.
  • Door TO Door Delivery – This includes collecting the goods from your supplier, delivering it to the port, loading the goods, transporting the goods, clearing it at YOUR customs and delivering it to your warehouse or destination of your choosing.


Most Amazon sellers choose a door to door delivery service which is taken care of a freight forwarding company or agency. They will make sure that your goods are packed according to your specifications and arrive in the condition you expect. You only make one payment to the freight forwarder and they make sure to use the necessary team of logistics companies to make sure your goods arrive timeously.


Some Freight Forwarding and logistics companies we use

  1. My China Freight
  2. Forrest Shipping
  3. FBA Forward
  4. DHL
  5. FEDEX
  6. UPS


How do we choose the best company for our shipping needs?



The best way to choose a shipping company is to email all of them for a quote. Based on the quote you get, you then decide which company you would want to go with. Do keep in mind that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best. There are other factors such as reliability and speed that should be taken into consideration as well.


Once you have weighed up the pros and cons you will select your company and they will guide you in terms of what documentation they require from your side to get your goods from China or anywhere else in the world to your end destination point.


I hope you guys have found this article useful. If you have any questions or would just like to comment, just click the comment box below and I will answer them as best as possible.


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4 Comments to “Amazon Shipping”

  1. hi Nabeel, thank you for the article. It is a very interesting read as I’ve gained new information regarding shipping terminologies. I have shipped several times but I never bothered to question the shipping terminologies. All I know is that from point A, I ship to my destination and that’s it. Being equipped with this new information is beneficial especially to the wholesale group. Thank you for this. I’ll bookmark this for future reference when I ship again.

    1. Hi JR

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you have found the information beneficial. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything else you would need clarity on.

  2. Thanks for adding this article. I’ve been very curious about shipping to Amazon from China as I would like to get started in Amazon FBA.

    My concern is that my China suppliers ships direct to Amazon and they have shipped faulty equipment.

    Do you know of a service that would quality check deliveries to Amazon from China?

    1. There are services in China that can do a quality inspection before shipping. I personally use they are quite thorough and not badly priced either depending on how many units you would like inspected. There are some more articles I have written regarding FBA. You should take a look around on my site. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

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