Product: AMZ Trainer

Price: $1397 – Single payment or 2 instalments. Lifetime Access

Content: Amazon USA Training, Sponsored Product Ads Training (PPC), Facebook Ads Training, Shopify Training, Click Funnels Training and Amazon India Training (coming soon)

Rating: 10/10

Value: Exceptional

The AMZ Trainer Workshop: Review


I was searching for an opportunity on the internet to create a secondary income while working full time. Then 1 day I followed and joined some Amazon seller groups on facebook. The support in these groups was amazing and still are. Most of the members were always keen to assist you in getting your business off the ground and answering your questions. However, I quickly realised that my personality was not the type to have too many people giving me guidance and more often than not that guidance would be conflicting by a number of people answering my question in the comment thread.


1 month into my Amazon journey and getting my accounts up and ready I was ready to start selling but I knew nothing of creating a good listing, negotiating with suppliers, how to find a good product to sell, how to search for patents etc. The list was endless. I thought to myself the odds are stacked against as me I am trying this on a whim with no real guidance or mentorship.


I dug a little deeper and realised the people doing well on Amazon all attended some form of training. they all seemed to belong to a community of sellers who are communicating with each other about their respective businesses. That’s when my light bulb moment happened and I made the decision to find a course that I could attend and where I could be accountable for taking the necessary steps to make my business a success.


I found the AMZ Trainer course on 1 of the facebook groups I’m in and decided to join by investing in myself through education. Let’s face it. Education shortens your learning curve drastically as there are fewer mistakes to be made. There is a clearly defined path that has already been walked being shown to you by someone that has already walked that path.




Amazon Training:

Module 1: Product Selection


Module 1 covers everything from setting up your accounts and international bank accounts, product selection, how to use profit phoenix to find private label products, how to enter restricted categories and how to calculate your profit correctly for a potential product etc.


Module 2: Supplier Selection



Module 2 covers supplier selection and how to negotitate with suppliers from price, samples and minimum order quantities, shipping, payment terms, product packing, and creating your first shipping plan.

Module 3: Amazon Listing



Module 3 contains everything from how to create your listing, writing your description, title and bullet points. It covers images and how to create stunning images for your listing and how to optimise your listing for maximum sales. It covers getting reviews for your product and how to find keywords that will convert into sales.


Module 4: Product Launch and Live Game



Module 4 covers how to deal with hijackers, getting your brand registered with Amazon, how to remove negative seller feedback, discount coupon creation, promotions and special and how to get more reviews for your product.


Module 5: Ninja Techniques – PPC Coaching



PPC coaching is a 4-week course, each week containing 7 – 10 different training videos. This PPC training teaches you how to run effective PPC campaigns to get your products to a wider audience and make more sales. The ninja tips and tricks module teaches you how to rank, split test and deal with customer returns and damaged products.


Facebooks Ads Training, Click Funnels And Shopify Training



The above modules cover in details facebook ads from setting up accounts to split testing your ads. This facebook ads training gives you the skills to start advertising on facebook with step by step guidance. The click funnels training teaches you how to create a sales funnel to gather leads and sell your product to them. Shopify training teaches you how to do drop shipping by setting up your Shopify store, product research, setting up your facebook pixels etc. Every training module is presented by a different presenter who is an expert in that particular field.


Last but not least there are group monthly coaching calls which are also uploaded to the member’s area to be viewed again at your leisure.


I give AMZ Trainer 10/10 for providing exceptional value and excellent support to its students. I like that this course is not a 4-week course. Its founder, Ashraf Ahmed Ali states that it is an ongoing business journey and cannot be learnt in a few weeks. The great thing as well is that you can view the content as many times over as you want by logging in a members area. Last but not least the major draw card of this course is that all new training that gets added will be FREE for existing members even though the course fee will go up as more training and content is added.


My recommendation is to register with AMZ Trainer and watch the 20 free videos they offer to anyone to give them more insight into starting your own private label and selling on Amazon.


Thanks guys




10 Comments to “Amazon Sellers Workshop – A Comprehensive Review”

  1. A very interesting read and a course that is reasonably price for the information they provide.
    I have seen Amazon FBA courses being sold for £3000 so I would say this is worth the money as your also paying for the networking opportunities the courses provide.
    I’m particularly looking forward to Amazon India as I bepive thia ia going to be a massive market to enter into.

    1. Yes this course is definitely worth the price tag. Amazon India is the next big thing and Amazon Middle East as well since Amazon has just acquired The online retail market is growing year in and year out. The creator of this course is already selling on Amazon India and will be teaching his international students how to enter that market as well. That’s getting released 1st of May 2017.

  2. Thanks for all of the info here. I have a question: does the community still help you after the 4 weeks has run its course, do you have a specific mentor/coach who continues to help you after the module completes, or is there another way in which one would still learn after it completes? I understand that the more you practice/ apply what you have learned the better you become but sometimes I need more of a hand to walk me through..

    1. Hi Manika

      Believe it or not, this course does not end. You have access at any time to all the video content via a members area. All members are added to a secret facebook group where they can ask any and all questions to other members. There is also a WhatsApp group will all members that will answer any question almost immediately and chat about current developments in and around the business. As for the mentor. Yes, we have one. Ashraf Ahmed Ali is there for his students as though there 3 of him constantly awake. The man is a machine and provides real-time support. We also have monthly group coaching calls via webinar where we able to discuss all our questions and where our mentor presents new strategies and launching of new content for us.

      This course literally takes you by the hand and tells you to do this now and next do that. If this doesn’t work try that etc. From setting up accounts to looking at why clicks don’t convert to sales there is training for everything.

      But the cherry on top is that this course incorporates Shopify, facebook advertising and click funnels training to maximise sales and really grow your brand.

      If you have anymore questions do not hesitate to ask me.


  3. I am already a member of AMZ Trainer workshop and all I can say that its a comprehensive E-COM Business package for everyone be it just a starter or an experienced e-commerce seller. I joined way back in June 2016 and have seen this course evolve and grow like none other in this market space with addition of a dedicated PPC Training, FB advertising course, Shopify Training and bundles of Bonus for various all the relevant tools and software over a period of time. The cool thing is that the price gets locked on day of purchase but value increases every month consistently. However if someone asks me what is the best thing about the course, I would say its our mentor Ashraf Ahamed who is a power packed superman blessed with wealth of knowledge about this field of business and has great humility that he personally makes sure to answer every query within minutes which is the real value we get from him. This workshop helped me to learn this business model from scratch and build a 5 figure business with just 1 product and I am looking to scale it to 6 figures within 2017 by getting onboard couple of more products. Proud to be a student of AMZ Trainer workshop!

    1. Hi Muneeb

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me about the AMZ Trainer course. I predict that AMZ will be the no.1 e-Commerce course available in the world at the trajectory they heading now. Do keep us updated with your progress.


  4. Very interesting. I very skeptical towards online education programs and choose to pay very carefully.

    After reading your AMZ review I found I am tempted to try it out.I am currently a member of 1 of the education program and it works very well and builds up my site confidently.

    For now, I am looking for more education that I could able to learn more and increase my knowledge in the internet world. As the price for AMZ is reasonable, I already bookmark this page shortlisted my next education purchase.

    I just wanted to ask 1 question. As time grows, AMZ trainer training material will get updated? As I realize you mentioned there is lifetime access.

    1. Hi Max.

      To answer your question, yes, everything gets updated regularly. There are also monthly webinars which get uploaded to the members area and a secret facebook group for members to ask any and all of their questions.

      No amount of money spent on education is wasted. It plugs into everything else we already know and gives us a further skill set at our disposal with even greater insight into how things operate.

  5. This is brilliant I never knew this existed fabulous I for here

    1. Hi Helen

      Another online opportunity that should be tapped into.

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