How To Sell A Product On Amazon

Why Should You Be Selling On Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest online shopping or marketplace in the world. Two-thirds of all the world’s online purchases occur on the Amazon platform. Amazon has built up reputability with their customers by having something called Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a program where buyers can opt to have their goods be delivered within 2 days of placing the order. They also take care of customer service and returns allowing you to focus on sourcing and marketing your products. The logistical and shipping part is completely taken care of for you. People go straight to Amazon if they looking for a product. If they can’t find it on Amazon then they search google but Amazon is their first go-to place when looking for a product.

It’s the perfect place to launch your private label brand. This is where you get people to buy your product without laying out tons of money to open a traditional business or store. Testing a market is a lot more economical depending which category and type of product you will be launching.


Let’s dive in to see what needs to be done to sell on Amazon


Product Research

Go over to and browse through the millions of products to find a suitable product to launch. the easiest way to start off is is to always start with what interests you or a passion that you might have. Some people love baby products, others like cell phones and electronics.

Amazon uses something called BSR (best selling rank) for products. They rank the products in their main categories. Now BSR will give you an idea of how well products are doing and more or less how many units are being sold. BSR fluctuates and goes up and down. The closer the BSR is to zero the better the products are selling.

Here’s a HOT TIP. Look at products that have a BSR below 5000 as a potential product.


Supplier Selection

Now that you have you have selected your products you should start looking for a supplier. Most suppliers for many products can be found in China through Alibaba. Head over to Alibaba and start searching for suppliers who manufacture the products you are looking for.

Once you have found some suppliers, email them and start discussions around minimum order quantities, style, OEM (i.e. private label) etc. Tell them what you require and if they can meet those requirements.


Requesting Samples

Once you have built rapport with the suppliers you can ask them to send you a sample of their product so you may do some in-house testing. Once you receive a couple of samples from some suppliers you can then make a better decision with the supplier you will go with after testing the sample products.


Product Photography

Now that you have your samples, get a professional photographer to take professional shots of your products. You can do this yourself if you have the correct equipment. You will need these images for your Amazon listing. Amazon requires your main image to be on a white back background and to be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Have some lifestyle images photographed as well to show your product being used. You will need a minimum of 9 high-quality images showcasing your product.


Order Some Units To Test  The Market

Place an order with the supplier to put your minimum order quantity into production. Ask them for the lead time so that you have enough time to work with your shipping company to pick up and collect the shipment.


Create Your Listing On Amazon

It’s time to create your listing now. If you haven’t set up a seller central account yet I suggest you head over and open an Amazon seller account now. In seller central, you will add your product and create your listing. You will need to create a title, bullet points highlighting your product attributes and a product description.


Ship Your Products Directly To FBA Centre

When your products are done being manufactured you will have your freight forwarder arrange the collection from your supplier and have them ship the consignment to the FBA center in the United States.

You will need to provide your supplier with the shipping labels that must be created in seller central when creating a shipment plan.

Once your products arrive you are then ready to start selling on Amazon!


It’s a lot like driving a car

I know the above seems like a lot of work but if it was easy everybody would be doing it. It’s a lot like driving a car. At first, you have no idea how to coordinate all the controls but with practice, it becomes easier and many things become 2nd nature.

You can try driving on your own the first but most likely you will pause the car when starting or even crash. You need driving lessons. You need an instructor to explain how everything works and how to control the car. Don’t get me wrong! You can drive without an instructor but how many times will knock the curb, get traffic violation tickets etc if you not clued up with everything.

I personally feel that getting a reputable instructor or mentor to teach you how to navigate the e-commerce world is very important. It allows for accountability especially when investing in your education. The guys at AMZ TRAINER are doing a phenomenal job of taking complete newbies by the hand and showing them step by step of how to setup their Amazon business and develop their own private label.

I would suggest taking their FREE Training Course on starting in the Amazon private label business. They currently have a special offer running, so check it out.

Let me know if you guys found the above information useful and what else you would like to know about starting your own physical products empire.



8 Comments to “How To Sell A Product On Amazon”

  1. Great stuff. I have also though about this reselling idea. I always wonder if it is sustainable since the reseller is easy to copy?

    1. What you are talking about is retail arbitrage. Selling brands that are already available. Private label is selling your own brand of products. When you have your own brand you make the rules and control who sells it or distributes your products. Have a look at the free training course to get a better idea.

  2. Great article, I really learned a lot. Do you think selling on Amazon is easier or better than eBay? I’ve used eBay for years to sell stuff but never got into Amazon, because eBay seemed so much easier. However I’m getting very put off by eBay’s extortionate fees, and every time there’s a dispute it doesn’t matter who’s right, eBay always sides with the buyer. I’m interested in the FBA concept, so what do you think of Amazon as an alternative to eBay?


    1. Hi Jack and thanks for your question.

      Firstly if you want to sell some old or extra stuff laying around or a few units of something then do it on Ebay. If you want to start and grow a sustainable e-commerce business then Amazon is the platform to get started on. Amazon has two-thirds of all the world’s online retail traffic. You would definitely want a piece of that action. People go to Amazon looking for products they want and need.

      I am an Amazon FBA seller myself and I the FBA concept convenient. Amazon takes care of packing and shipping the goods and handles all customer queries etc. All you need to do is make sure that your listing is created and that you have enough inventory at Amazons warehouse.

      If you interested in the FBA concept have a look at some of my other articles to give you a better idea of how it works. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else or help you to get started.

  3. Great Article ! I personally don’t have any product to sell right now but still thanks for the information ! looking forward to re-visit your site. I will be happy if you understand me that why Amazon associate account do not have certain product which are in Amazon site?

    1. Hi Kishan

      Amazon will only have associate links of products that are actually sold on Amazons platform.

  4. Hi Nabeel,
    This is an interesting little guide.
    I used to do drop shipping on eBay, this sounds a bit like that only your own product that’s being dropshipped.
    Nice article , I shall drop in on your site again,

    1. Hi Paul

      Dropshipping is when you don’t actually purchase any stock. My guide is based on private label selling through Amazons FBA service. This means that your stock gets sent to Amazon’s warehouse and when a customer places an order on Amazon it is delivered via Amazon couriers.

      Hope that makes sense?

      If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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