Make Money Online From Home In 6 Months

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Today I want to talk about being your own boss. All of us have been sold the virtues of running your own show, being your own boss, running your own life etc. Not having to worry about clocking in and out, dropping the kids off early, traffic, tv dinners, not spending enough time with the family, work deadlines and the list goes on and on. Well, this is the sad reality of many people’s lives. They get stuck in the rat race trying to survive the mortgage, car repayments, the school tuition fees etc. Let’s face it life is tough for everyone. The high earners also find it tough. They just broke at a higher level and in higher levels of debt trying to live a lifestyle they can’t actually afford. They are also living paycheck to paycheck.




My title ” make money online from home in 6 months” is actually deceiving. No business or at least most businesses require hard work for at least 2 – 3 years to build a foundation. There are so many get rich quick schemes out there that sell you a dream life and more often than not it is only a dream. People promise you that you will be earning 7 figures and never work a day in your life again. As rosy as this sounds it is all window dressing. There’s not much in the shop when you step inside.



I want to try and help you guys sift through the hogwash and have a checklist when identifying opportunity. Let’s get into it.


Opportunity Checklist

  1. Google –  Perform a google search and see what the search results pull up. See what page 1 has to say about your particular search.
  2. Google Reviews – Enter the topic you searching for “+ reviews” and see which reviews get pulled up. Read through the reviews and see which of the reviews are negative and positive. Try to read reviews in an objective way.
  3. Google Experts – Enter your keywords “+ experts”. Have a look at the search results brought forward and what the experts have to say about your keywords.
  4. Search Relevant Facebook Groups – Check which facebook groups are discussing your particular opportunity. Post a question asking for feedback on the particular opportunity. Try to be descriptive as possible when asking your question.
  5. Search Facebook for Entrepreneur Groups – Entrepreneur groups will have entrepreneurs from different business areas. Post a question to pick the group members brains about your particular opportunity. Take note that some people will be positive, some cynical and others neutral. try to read and understand the theme common amongst all the comments.
  6. Speak To Successful Entrepreneurs – Chat to entrepreneurs who are already successful in the field you wish to enter. Ask them when they started, how they started and what was the determining factor/s are to be successful besides seed capital. Remember that traditional business vs internet business is different and both types of entrepreneurs will see the opportunity differently.
  7. Skills – Does the opportunity require a skillset? If yes, what should you do to acquire the skillset? Can you learn while starting the business or must acquire it before starting? Are there courses you can do to teach you the require skill set? Can it be done online or via distance learning?
  8. Competition And Demand – How many people are doing business in your chosen opportunity? Are at least 10-20 of them successful? Have they been around a minimum of 2 years? Does your business opportunity provide a service or product that’s  in demand? Can the service or product of the competitor be improved upon?



It is important to stress that one opportunity at a time should be studied. Looking at more than one opportunity will not allow you to do proper due diligence and will distract you from gathering all the required information together to make an informed business decision.


I’m not trying to put you guys off from doing business and tackling entrepreneurship. I want to give you the raw facts and tell you exactly what it is you going to get yourself into. It’s not for everyone however, one thing remains true. Your time is your own and you are able to build a life for your family where you are present. All that is required is some sacrifice in the beginning. As the saying goes, ” Work a few years like nobody else will so that you can live the life that nobody else can”.


The choice is yours!!!


Thanks guys


7 Comments to “Make Money Online From Home In 6 Months”

  1. Hi Nabeel,

    Great article, well written mate. I must say I have been tempted multiple times along my journey to pursue more than one opportunity at the same time. In hindsight I don’t know how I would have coped, as going after one in its entirety demands so much, let alone two or three, especially in its early stages.

    All the best with your endeavors,

    1. Hi Adam

      Thanks for the feedback. I have also tried multiple opportunities at once. It is a disaster if you don’t give each its due.

      All the best as well

  2. Hey Nabeel!

    You’re right, there’s too many get rich schemes out there trying to scam you and get your money with fake promises.

    Internet can sometimes be a double-edged sword, since it has so much information it’s difficult to tell which one is true.

    But reasearch is everything, and you can actually create your own online business and make money from home if you gather the info and use it correctly.

    Thanks for pointing that out here, it’s nice to be reminded that the opportunity is out there, you just need to trace it and then go for it!

    1. Hi Israel

      Thanks for the feedback. I think now more than ever people need to know the reality of what they getting into. The no.1 resource you need is patience. The rest will fall into pplace.

  3. Nabeel hi!
    I like your post and I think if a newbie in the industry comes across your post he or she will be successful in this business. The opportunity checklist is exposing everything someone needs to start this business.
    Your advice at the end is absolutely important. In everything we do we have to go step by step and avoid jumping straight in it. Good advice.

    1. Hi Boniface

      Thank for your input. I do believe that due diligence is required when looking for opportunity but that being said we must try and avoid analysis paralysis and action what we are learning. Make a point of executing what we learn and tick it off our list.

  4. When I first read the title, I was skeptical at first but when I read your article I fully understood your intentions. The old me would have been so excited to read your title only to get let down and realize that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and that everyone performs at a different pace. Some get results quicker, some takes longer. There is so opportunities out there that many people can’t see because they are so afraid to take risks. Thank you for this awesome and eye opening opportunity checklist

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