Product Review – Tao Tronics LED Lamp VS Lampat LED Lamp

Product: LED Desk Lamp by Toa Tronics

Price: $29.99

Where to buy: Amazon

Features: 7 Different Light Settings, 5 colour modes, USB Charger, Touch Function, 75% Energy Saver Bulbs

Rating: 8/10


Product: Lampat LED Lamp

Price: $22.99

Where to buy: Amazon

Features: USB Charger, 4 Colour Modes, Touch Function

Rating: 7/10


Review: Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp vs Lampat Desk Lamp


Have you ever tried working at home at night while everyone is asleep? I’m sure you have. I am also quite sure the annoyance that your spouse or kids have when you try reading or doing some work with the main room lights on. Nobody else can sleep while you trying to do your work. You might be asking what a desk lamp has to do with an e-commerce site. Nothing actually… It has everything to do with when most of us are doing our e-commerce business which is usually during the night after our day jobs and when the family has gone to sleep or settled down. Therefore, we need the right tools for the job to help us become as productive as possible.


Well, this review is for you then…


Most of us have had desk lamps in our homes and most of us know that it gives off this bright light that is focused only on you which can cause headaches and eye strain. Sometimes you just need enough light so that you can read or study or work on your laptop.


These LED lamps have 7 light settings from dim to very bright. The colour of the light goes from cool white to warm yellow. The head of the Tao Tronics lamp is able to swivel 90 degrees left and right and move 135 degrees up and down to adjust where you want the light to shine. The design is modern and sleek and can fit in a compact area due to its sleek build.


Product Comparison


Tao Tronics Lampat
LED Yes Yes
Touch Yes Yes
Material Plastic + Metal Plastic
Light Colours 5 4
Dimmable Yes Yes
Wattage 12 10
USB Charger Yes Yes
Swivel Head Yes No
Warranty 1 year 1 year


In conclusion, there is not much difference between the Tao Tronics Lamp and the Lampat lamp. It would be a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, if you looking for slightly more features then the Toa Tronics has them. However, it won’t make a huge difference in what you looking for in lamp function.


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2 Comments to “Product Review – Tao Tronics LED Lamp VS Lampat LED Lamp”

  1. Hi Nabeel,
    This is an interesting piece on desk lamps. I work a full time job and have to find time to write content for and update my own website,
    This often means working late in the evenings. I hadn’t realised that desk lamps had become so advanced with dimmers and different colour filters. This makes sense working at night as I have learned that different colours at different times of the day can affect the body’s circadian rhythms. By using yellows and oranges in an evening and blues in the morning you can improve the quality of sleep you get. Nice info

    1. Hi Paul

      Yes the different colour light similar to that of the cycle of light during the day has a direct effect on our circadian rhythm. It makes sense to have a light that has a positive effect on how we function biologically.

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