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You guys have asked me to do a post about sourcing high-quality products from China as you afraid of shoddy work and that is what’s stopping you from selling on Amazon. Many people are of the opinion and perception that China offers low-quality workmanship on all their products. Like many countries this holds true but it all depends on where you sourcing from. It would be unfair to paint all Chinese suppliers with the same brush.



When sourcing for private label to sell on Amazon, the best way to start off is to use Alibaba. This site allows you to search for almost any product from Chinese manufacturers. Alibaba has found a way to develop and maintain standards of high quality and honesty between business to business dealings. Many of these manufacturers will perform OEM for you. Meaning they will create or take a standard product and put your packaging and branding on the product. This is what we call private label.


How To Use Alibaba:


  1. Search for your product on Alibaba.


2. Click on the tabs: Trade Assurance, Gold Supplier and Assessed Supplier.


Trade Assurance: A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery.



Gold Supplier: This a preferred supplier rated by Alibaba.



Assessed Supplier: This means that a third party inspection company has inspected the manufacturer and a report is available for download.


3. Contact Supplier.



Click on the contact supplier tab when you have chosen to select a supplier to contact. It will take you to the above page. Make sure you stipulate what the minimum order quantity (MOQ) you are looking for and click send. They will get back to you. Contact a minimum of 5 – 10 suppliers for quotes. When you are happy as at least 5 suppliers to send you samples so that you can test the quality of the product before making your final decision.


For step by step help, I would recommend having a look at the course inside this blog for a further break down of sourcing and negotiating with suppliers.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post of how to import and source high quality products from China.


Take care


5 Comments to “Sourcing Products From China”

  1. So glad I found this site. Been thinking of a way to do this so I can build my barber brand. Actually I didn’t even know where to begin until just now. Thank you for sharing. My only question is have you done business with them?

    1. Hi Shannon

      Yes, I have done business through Alibaba myself and use them to source suppliers. Their trade assurance works like an ESCROW account where the funds only get released to the supplier if you are satisfied with your order.

  2. This is really great information, thank you so much for sharing. You really know your stuff. Very interesting.

  3. I have bought electronics from Alibaba before for my business. One thing I would like to add on is that you get what you pay for. While buying from China is relatively cheap, I learn my lesson of not overbargain for a cheaper price. You’ll only end up getting inferior quality products.

    1. That is why I stress you should have samples sent to you before placing any orders. You can further mitigate the risk by having an inspection company do a quality check before your order is exported. They will send you a detail report of your products and from there, you can release payment or have the supplier address any issues in the inspection report if any.

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