What Is Amazon Sponsored Ads?

So you are selling on Amazon, your products are at the FBA warehouse ready to be packed and shipped to customers who order them. So now you wait and wait for the orders come in. Naturally, you are selling “baking mats” and everyone would want your “baking mats”. Right???


The answer is NO! How are customers suppose to know that you are selling this new state of the art “baking mat”? Did you think that leaving your product in Amazons warehouse it will sell itself?



The idea of advertising or marketing is to get your product out there in the market. You need to let people know that you are selling a new and improved “baking mat” so that they can buy it. Now before you start making flyers and starting a facebook page, the best way to start advertising is to use Amazons very own marketing platform known as Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising.


Amazon has the most online retail traffic in the world with literally millions of people searching for products that you are selling. It makes sense to start advertising on Amazon’s own marketing platform.


How it works…


It’s pay per click or PPC which means you only pay for the ad shown when someone clicks on it. Amazon shows ads based on the price you bid for the ad to be shown. Amazon is there to make money so they show the ads with the highest bids and place them on different pages. Your bid is placed on a keyword you select and will be shown to customers when they type that specific keyword.


Campaigns Are Two Types

  1. Automatic – Amazon decides based on your listing and keywords in your listing to whom your ad must be shown. They determine who the relevant audience is.
  2. Manual – This is when you select which keywords you would like to bid on. Manual Campaign is of 3 types.
  • Broad Match Type – As an example if I put in the keyword “baking mat”. My keyword will be shown for “yellow silicone baking mat for stove”
  • Phrase Match Type – This match becomes more specific and will contain the original keyword. The phrase can be “yellow baking mat” it will show the ad for that phrase. It will not show for the broad match type as above.
  • Exact Match Type – This match type only displays ads that match the exact keyword. “Baking mat” will only be displayed when someone searches for “baking mat”.



Sponsored products advertising can assist greatly in getting more sales and getting your best seller ranking (BSR) up. As your BSR increases so do your keyword ranking for your product which gets you closer to having your product being displayed on the 1st page. This allows your product greater opportunity for organic sales thereby making you more sales and greater profit.


If you guys would like to know more about Amazons Sponsored Products advertising I will gladly answer any and all questions in the comment section below.

4 Comments to “What Is Amazon Sponsored Ads?”

  1. Hmm.. That’s why I see sponsored results when I shop. I think they are a bit confusing when I want to search something and something else shows up. Maybe because the advertisers chose the Broad Match Type.

    I think this is where we need to do keyword research before we start an ad campaign. What do you think?

    1. There are many ways of finding out which keywords will work best when running a campaign. One of those ways is to see what keywords convert in the automatic campaign and put those converting keywords into a manual campaign to target it specifically.

  2. Very educative article for people who want or is already selling their own products on Amazon. I don’t have still any product to sell, but this has given me good information about the entire process of Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns to improve selling.
    It is very nice the explanation of the types and subtypes of Campaigns. Great info to make easier the choice.
    Thanks you!

    1. Thank you for your comment. if you not using Amazons very own marketing platform such as sponsored products advertising you literally leaving money on the table.

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