What Is An Ecommerce Website?

You guys must have heard the term eCommerce being used in many blogs, websites, news articles and amongst the internet savvy. E-commerce is basically trading a good or service using the internet as a medium for the transaction. I give you money and you provide me with a logo design or send me that new watch that I have been eyeing. The only difference is that the buyer and seller do not ever have to physically meet each other. I, the buyer could be sitting in Moscow and you the seller could be sitting in New York.


This is eCommerce.


How do you get a physical product via an eCommerce website?


The product that you place an order for has to be a real product. It has to be ready and available to be delivered to your door once you place an order. This is why many people don’t trust buying on the internet yet as they do not understand what happens behinds the scenes. They think that its a gimmick and that their money will only be stolen.


This is far from reality. Many websites that sell products and services have the physical products ready, either on themselves to be delivered via a courier or through a fulfilment centre.


A courier has to be called and the products delivered to your door. This usually incurs a cost for delivery or it is worked into the product price upon purchasing.


A fulfilment centre will make sure the products are packaged and handled ready to be handed over to a courier. Your stock stays within the fulfilment centre until an order is placed. You are relieved of the burden from physically fulfilling the order yourself to the customer.



There are 2 Types of Ecommerce Websites


The 1 is a website built from scratch by a website developer or by yourself if you understand how to code. This is long and tedious and can be very costly especially if you have payment processing and add to cart features on your website. Payment processing is the ability to accept payments on your site that are processed through a bank or some or other financial service. It allows customers to use their credit cards and/or PayPal to make a purchase.



The 2nd type of eCommerce website is Shopify. Shopify has simplified the whole process of having your own online store allowing you to focus the business of providing products. The Shopify website is automatically built for you where a number of themes can be chosen from. All payment processing and add to cart features are done for you. All you have to do is connect these services to your Shopify store. The beauty about Shopify it Allows you to perform dropshipping. We will discuss drop shipping in another post.



So is eCommerce for you? I can’t tell you that. All I can is the facts don’t lie. That being said thousands of brick and mortar stores have closed in the United States but online sales have soared to record highs. People love the convenience of shopping from their couch. The world is changing and its changing fast. You can decide on which side you want to be on. If you have any questions I would love to continue this discussion and I will be more than happy to answer all on your questions. Please feel free to comment.


Thanks guys


2 Comments to “What Is An Ecommerce Website?”

  1. Wow! This is really great,and love your content-a lot of people can benefit from this who wish to start their own path:-The layout was very good and loved how you added resources:) Your url is very catchy too:) Your intro was very persausive in that people need to start thinking about their future in a more balanced manner:)

    1. Thanks for your comment Rene. I do believe the time is now to make the most of the internet as a tool of progress especially in business. Traditional brick and mortar stores require massive capital outlay and time before you see a return on investment. The internet has allowed the man in the street hungry for opportunity but without much access to huge funds to start a business and grow it into something substantial.

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