Many people know what commerce is but not many people know what e-commerce is. E-commerce is essentially a transaction that takes places over the internet. An exchange of money for goods or services rendered. The same way it would be done for the traditional business model of a brick and mortar store.


However, for many people, this model seems very vague because they cannot touch or feel it especially when it comes to physical products being sold over the internet. Most people do not know where to start to start advertising their services or products. The usual route would be to contact a designer and start building a website and load your products on there, add shopping cart functionality and then start advertising on Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc to start driving traffic to your store similarly to how you would  create flyers, business cards and pamphlets to market your traditional store.


I want to make your task of selling your products easier by not having to worry about where to sell, and getting the traffic to your store. Which marketplace should you be selling in so that all you can worry about is proving a good quality product/products to your customers?


What Is The Best Ecommerce Platform?          


Amazon. Simple. Why do you ask? Well because Amazon owns two-thirds of all the world’s online traffic. Millions of people are searching for products 24/7 that they are looking for on Amazon. It makes sense to start your business in the Amazon marketplace. Now, most e-commerce stores have a 2 – 5% conversion rate whereas on Amazon you average at about a 15% conversion rate which is pretty high against stand-alone e-commerce sites.


What Is The Best Ecommerce?


Now to remain fair I would say for me Amazon is the best as I knew very little about internet business and that’s where I started. I needed the guidance and mentorship and that was found through an online workshop which I still follow and attend containing lectures and one on one help to get me going in this e-commerce business. Some people prefer to offer money in exchange for services on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr etc.


But… if you don’t want to always be exchanging time for money then selling physical products on Amazon is the way to go and start with. Once your products are at Amazon warehouse all you have to focus on is that your listing is optimised and your sponsored advertising is running. This way you can focus on building your brand and adding more products to your store to sell. So if you looking to build a business that is fully automated then selling physical private label products on amazon is the way to go.


If you guys have any questions just drop them in the comment box and I will answer them for you.





6 Comments to “What Is E-Commerce?”

  1. Hi There!

    Are you saying that we can have an e-commerce store on our website with Amazon products? If yes, I’m would like to know, how!

    1. Hi

      No, what I am saying is that you can create your own brand and sell on Amazon. It works like this:

      -You search Amazon to see what products can be sold and be profitable to you.
      -You work with Chinese suppliers to manufacture a couple 100 units for you and send it to Amazon USA. This can be done from India. I have friends from India selling in Amazon USA.
      -Once the products arrive at Amazon warehouse, Amazon sees to the shipping of your product when customers order it on Amazon.
      -Wait for payment every 2 weeks.
      -When stocks are low you re-order from your supplier and continue the process.

      The nice thing about Amazon is they receive two thirds of all the worlds online traffic looking for products. A good conversion on any website is 2-5% but on Amazon its 15% some products even 30%. So in my opinion it is a great place to start your physical products empire from.

      I hope this answers your question.


  2. Hey Nabeel

    When reading your article, selling on Amazon seems quite simple. However, I have had a look into this before and I have learnt that this is actually quite sophisticated. There are special online courses on this topic (quite expensive) and many e-books (not sure though if these are helpful). I had an idea to try this out but it did seem to be very difficult so I have postponed this idea for now. Besides that, I heard that you need to do very thorough analysis to find the right products for selling as only those who have managed to find such products succeed in selling on Amazon.

    1. Hi Arta

      Yes, you are quite correct that it is sophisticated and that is where the opportunity lies. The fact that many people are not willing to put in the hard grind makes those doing this business model very successful. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is where you build your own brand with your own products. the courses that are on offer show you how to start and go about doing these things. You are also quite correct in saying that these courses are expensive. I am from Africa and doing an Amazon in USD is not viable for me. That’s like 6 month’s salary here. However, the course I speak about in my blog (AMZ Trainer) is relatively cheap and contains much more than the other expensive courses out there. You should have a look at it in my resources page. You must realise that with any business there is risk. The successful ones are those that dedicate themselves to making it a success. Once your mindset changes the opportunities are endless. I hope I have encouraged you to re-look at this model. If this boy from Africa can do it then anyone can.

  3. Hi Nabeel,

    Does this only work for physical products or are you able to market services as well. For example I’m currently trying to grow my events and strategic marketing agency. I assist small to medium business in coming up with strategic marketing plans both online and traditional media to market their business. I then setup the platforms and manage these for them. I also do social and marketing events for business and private individuals.

    Would I be able to market my services to clients both locally and internationally on Amazon?

    1. Hi Zeenat

      The types of services you would like to market cannot be done on Amazon. Amazon is mainly for selling physical products. Goods in exchange for money. The type of services you would like to offer can be presented on platforms such as upwork, fiverr etc. These Platforms will allow you to market services locally and internationally. Infact, you can either bid for work on a platform such as upwork.

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