What Is Shopify.Com About?


Let me tell you what is Shopify.com about. Long gone are the days where you had to build a website from scratch, hire a developer and spend thousands of dollars. In a few clicks, you can register on Shopify and setup your own online retail store with the ability to accept payments.


Shopify allows you to purchase a domain name through them or you can use the free Shopify URL that is generated for your website store. If you don’t know what name you want to use for your store Shopify has a business generator tool that will assist you to find the perfect name for you and check domain availability.


Shopify is a software company that develops computer software for online stores and retail point of sale.


So you are interested in starting a store but you have no idea what you to sell or have a product of your own. You also might not have the financial capital to sell big name brands. Shopify allows you to perform dropshipping.


Drop Shipping


Picture this. You have a beautiful online store, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate with over 100 products available in different categories. It would be the same as walking into a Walmart or Cosco and browsing the aisles and going to the checkout counter to make payment.


The difference with your store, it is a drop shipping store. That means that you have none of those 100 products physically available. It is not sitting in your home or office and you have never spent a cent to purchase these products either. So how do you sell something you don’t have on hand?


Well, most drop shippers ( your store) use 3rd party suppliers who already have the stock on hand and can ship via your store anywhere in the world. Yes, you read correctly. This is it how it works. People visit your store and like a particular product. They click add to cart, add their billing details and check out the product to be delivered to their designated address. The order is placed through the backend of your website and goes to your 3rd party suppliers site. Payment is made for the product and shipping, leaving you with the profit. So instead of searching for different products from different online stores, drop shipping allows you to be a middleman hooking your customers up with any of the products on your Shopify store. You never have to lay out a cent for the actual product except for use of the Shopify platform and some payment processing fees.



Now before you go off and sign up your own Shopify store you need to know that the success of your store is getting quality traffic so that your products can be bought. Your biggest spend will be on facebook advertising to get the right audience to buy your product. You can waste your money here if you do not know how to target your audience. So research in terms of which products are in demand and where those customers are based.


My opinion is that you have to weigh the pros and cons of any new venture and starting an online store is no different but as the saying goes ” with great risk, comes great rewards”. Drop shipping is still less risky than starting your own private label brand as you won’t be laying out thousands of dollars on the product. Drop shipping and Shopify allow you to dip your feet in the water before taking the plunge into your private label brand and having products manufactured and shipped across the world.


To end off, this is like anything in life. It’s like driving a car. At first, ¬†you have no idea how to do it but with practice, you start becoming more intuitive until it becomes 2nd nature to you.


Shopify has made it easy for anyone to start their own online store nowadays. You do need to be an IT whizz kid and be a developer. All you need is an internet connection and an abundance mindset to give it a proper go and see if it’s for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained. It is a legitimate business model with no upsells, MLM etc. It is your own store that you manage and promote, by offering high-quality products to your audience.


Eventually, you will be able to sell your own private label products on your own Shopify store as well as on Amazon which is just another sales channel. The sales channels or platforms showcase your product to get the exposure and traffic. The more traffic and exposure you get the more money you will make through sales.


I hope you guys have a clearer understanding of what Shopify is and how you can start your own business from anywhere in the world with just a PC and an internet connection.



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4 Comments to “What Is Shopify.Com About?”

  1. This is very interesting. I would like to talk to a few people who’ve actually done this. I should probably read some of your other articles. What do you suggest I read in order to gain a deeper understanding?

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      Thank you for commenting. I will be doing some more posts about Shopify and private label. I suggest you read these articles first http://ecomempirebuilder.com/what-is-an-ecommerce-website and http://ecomempirebuilder.com/amazon-private-label-products. Bookmark this blog and check my new posts at least once a week.


  2. Hi Nabeel, Back in the old days, I started an online business. We had inventory that we had to inspect, log, store and when you sold something, you had to box it, ship it and hope you charged enough shipping, so you didn’t end up paying the difference. At the time drop shipping was something that was new and not a lot of companies were doing it, and if you did find a company that was willing, it was hard to get accepted by them. I quit after about a year and always wanted to go back to it, but I haven’t because I hated doing the shipping part. I am glad I read your article because I did not know that drop shipping has changed so much and it seems to be much easier than before. I will be looking into Shopify. Thank you for the info.

    1. Hi Sahar

      I will be writing a post about how you can integrate your Shopify store with drop shippers to make the shipping and ordering part as smooth as possible. Things have really come a long way. The nice thing about Shopify is that you have control over what you want to sell. You also have control over the traffic you send to your store through paid traffic such as facebook ads, google ads etc. It’s all about finding the right mix of products and advertising to get it shown to the right audience. the amount of data available is endless so that you can make informed decisions about your business. that is what I love about e-commerce. Be sure to bookmark this website as I will be adding more awesome content over the coming weeks.

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