What Is The Benefit Of Having A Mentor?

Have you ever tried learning something on your own without anyone showing you how it’s done or explaining it? Depending on the subject matter you might have gotten it right or you failed a few times before getting it right yourself. Now take the same subject matter add in an expert to explain and demonstrate how it’s done. How quickly do you think the same thing would take doing it on your own vs someone showing you how it’s done. Pretty quick I’d say. This thing of having someone show you how it’s done is called mentoring.


A mentor is someone that has walked the path that you wish to walk upon. Like our teachers in school all the way through to university these people were the experts in their fields of teaching. Be it teaching 5th grade or lecturing pre-med, they have all been there and walked the path where you are situated now. Therefore mentorship is very important in any industry as it gives you someone to bounce ideas off, criticise you, support you and encourage you along your business and career journey. Most importantly it is someone doing already what you doing and already successful at what they doing.




What I have realised along my online journey is that there are many people teaching how to do online business but not doing any business themselves. That seems a little dishonest to me when claiming to help people with expertise. Then there are those who are doing the business themselves but cannot avail themselves enough to provide enough value to the mentee. Then rarely, very rarely, but not impossible you will find a mentor that ticks all the necessary boxes by providing of himself and his knowledge.




So to end off my recommendation.  Find a mentor, as it will decrease your learning curve and put more money in your pocket. That is the bottom line of business. Check out my workshop and training to find out who is my mentor and what type of training I have done and still currently doing to get ahead in the e-commerce game.


I hope I was able to encourage you guys to find a mentor in whatever you seek to excel in. It’s the difference between getting there on your own in 6 or 7 years vs 2 or 3 years with the correct guidance and training with a mentor.


Thank guys


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